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Treat yourself to pamper day

There are numerous relaxation rooms with loungers to unwind, both indoors and outdoors. In our chill-out rooms, you are welcome to relax during your indulgent spa day, whereas in our popular convivial rooms, you can chat and have fun with your friends or acquaintances. You can sip a drink, served to your chill-out place, or indulge yourself with a four-course gourmet menu at the Wellnessgarten Restaurant. Enjoy the beneficial heat in our sauna facilities or a refreshing swim in our natural bathing ponds, which are accessible all year round. Take advantage of our spa facilities for an enjoyable spa day.

Your satisfaction is important to us. Therefore, the number of visitors is limited to make everyone feel comfortable. Feel free to contact us calling the number +49(0)8681/9845 to get information about available capacities. Please remember that it is essential to bring with you a bathrobe and a towel.
Slippers are also recommended. Of course, these accessories are available on a hire basis at an extra charge.

Sauna - die belebende Kraft

Relax and Pamper Body and Mind

Our bright sauna rooms offer views over the delightful, lovingly arranged gardens with their natural bathing ponds. You can choose from 7 different sauna facilities to suit every taste, including a herbal sauna, a steam room and an infrared cabin.


Bio Sauna 70° C

Bio Sauna 70° C

In our bio sauna with its large window and a temperature of about 70 °C (158°F) you can relax while taking in the views of the “Zen Garden”. The rock crystal helps harmonise the body’s energy systems and enhance vitality.

Herbal Sauna 60 °C

Herbal Sauna 60 °C

The herbal sauna is characterised by a relatively low temperature of about 60°C (140°F). This gentle sauna is suitable for beginners and people suffering from cardiovascular problems. The room is filled with pleasant scents of fresh dried herbs.

Hay Sauna 70° C

Hay Sauna 70° C

In our hay sauna, you can enjoy both a pleasant heat of 70°C (158°F) and the pleasant odour of fresh hay. This mix boosts the blood circulation and helps detoxify the body.

Finnish Sauna 90° C

Finnish Sauna 90° C

The Finnish sauna helps purify the skin and open up the pores, whereas the subsequent cold shower or bath stimulates the immune system.

  • Temperature: about 80°C - 90°C (176°F - 194°F)
  • Humidity: about 15 %
  • Recommended time: between 10 and 20 minutes

Our staff will regulate the temperature and humidity in the sauna during your session. Outside the service times, you can spill the water yourself on the stove at your discretion. A bucket of water is available every hour from our restaurant.

Dry Herbal Sauna (“Brechelbad”) 60 °C

Dry Herbal Sauna (“Brechelbad”) 60 °C

A session in this gentle sauna is a suitable therapy for respiratory disorders or headache.

  • Temperature: between 60°C - 70°C (140°F - 158°C)
  • Humidity: between 30 % and 40 %
  • Recommended time: between 10 and 20 minutes

Until the 18 th century, the farmers used the “Brechelbad” facility to process flax and hemp. The raw material was first dried and beaten, before being steamed for further processing. The farmers soon became aware of the beneficial effects of the “Brechelbad” for the respiratory tract and general health, notably the scents of fresh fir twigs.

Infrared Cabin

Infrared Cabin

The infrared cabin provides relief for chronic inflammations of the muscles and tendons, with the muscles being deeply heated up by the infrared rays. After a session of 10 to 20 minutes, you should stretch the muscles affected by soreness or inflammation under a gush of cold water for 1 to 2 minutes.

  • Temperature: about 60°C (140°F)
  • Humidity: between 20 % and 30 %
  • Recommended time: about 10 to 20 minutes

Contrarily to the sauna, which is heated by convection heat transfer, the infrared rays generate heat that penetrates the muscles more deeply. Infrared rays are not red, but invisible.

Steam Room

Steam Room

Enjoy the beneficial therapeutic effects of sweating in our salt steam room with mineral salt. Given its high humidity and the moderate temperature, it is a suitable facility to complete a wellness day. Additionally, you may indulge yourself with a full-body scrub with mineral salt infused with sandalwood and rose flower essence. The treatment improves the blood circulation and leaves your skin soft and velvety smooth.

Arolla Pine Sauna 70° C

Arolla Pine Sauna 70° C

The marvellous scents of Arolla pine are highly invigorating and conducive to deep relaxation.

  • Temperature: about 70°C (158°F)
  • Recommended time: between 10 and 20 minutes

Our ancestors already knew the miraculous effects of this precious plant and therefore called the tree, characterised by a solid and durable wood and marvellous scents, “Queen of the Alps”.

The booking of all spa treatments includes the admission fee.

Our facilities include

  • A cosy and tranquil spa area with relaxation rooms in a beautiful setting
  • 2 natural bathing ponds (for aesthetic and ecological reasons there is no heated swimming pool)
  • In winter the pond is partially accessible to cool down after a sauna session
  • Heated loungers in the open air - for a delightful nature experience in winter
  • Several small relaxation areas - a tranquil corner for everyone
  • Numerous loungers in the gardens to enjoy sunbathing
  • Rooms for massages and beauty treatments
  • Lovingly arranged, very calm hotel with air-conditioned rooms
  • Restaurant serving excellent dishes - indulge yourself wearing your bathrobe

Enjoy Relaxation and Wellbeing

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