Locally Sourced Ingredients

We are strongly committed to using, whenever possible, ingredients produced by organic natural farming. Therefore, we have carefully selected our suppliers. We have personally inspected and selected each of our suppliers. We are pleased to present you below our partners. We feel committed to this new approach and we hope that you will share our predilection for locally sourced produce. A special menu for guests suffering from food intolerances or allergies is available.


Fruit and Vegetables

Our fruit and vegetables are supplied by the Grafetstetter firm, which sources all its products from local farmers and producers wherever possible. The salad is, for example, produced by the organic Wels farm in Saaldorf/Surheim and bell pepper and tomatoes are sourced from a vegetable grower in Kirchweidach. Other products are purchased at the wholesale market in Munich. The daily delivery of fresh products ensures a constantly high quality of the food.

“Bergader” Cheese

All our cheeses are sourced from the local cheese dairy in Waging, which is renowned beyond the local area for the high quality and the excellent taste of its products.


Most of the herbs we use are grown in our own kitchen garden.


Our teas are sourced from the “Bioteaque” Tea Merchant based in Traunstein. Each of the teas they supply is a special creation of the managers Armin Wagner and Bernhard Koller. The teas are processed and blended to the highest organic and ecological standards.

Fruit Juices

The fruit juices are supplied by the Greimel Juice Company. Before being delivered to our restaurants, the juices are freshly pressed from fruit sourced from local farmers and fruit growers.


Our spirits are supplied by the Sailerhof Distillery, which has held the distiller’s licence since 1971. Since then, the brandies are naturally produced without adding sugar. 95 % of the fruit comes from orchards of the local area, extending on the shores of Lake “Tachinger See” and Lake “Waginger See”.

Chicken and Eggs

The chicken and eggs are sourced from a near farm run by the Brandstätter Family. The farm is idyllically located amidst the nature and the hens are specially raised for us. The farm has some 6.6 hectares of pastures, which are managed extensively. The animals are raised and treated humanely and fed without using genetically modified food and antibiotics. The stable floors are covered with organic straw bedding. The Brandstätter Family and their farm stand for the highest quality.


We get the game from the hunter Martin Göstl who looks after the local “Ninhartinger Wald” hunting reserve.


The fish, such as trout and char, are sourced from the near Nedler Fish Farm in Taching, where fish is bred from spawn laid by its own female fish. We have been assured by the operators that no young fish is purchased and that 100% of the produce originates from the own breeding.


The flour we use is supplied by the Maier Mill in the neighbouring village of Teisendorf, which has been a family run business since 1769. The mill has existed since 1430. With the help of the energy, generated by an iron waterwheel, which is probably more than 100 years old, the cereals produced in the local area are ground in a traditional way.


Our supplier, the Rosenheim based Dinzler Coffee Merchant is synonym to highest quality and fair trade products.


The sausage is sourced from the Ablinger Butcher’s in Oberndorf. The butchery business has been run by the Ablinger Family over three generations and stands with its 230 employees for products of an excellent quality.

Best Ingredients from the Local Area

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