Tennis Classes with Sepp Baumgartner

We offer tennis classes for players of all abilities, for beginners, advanced players and competitors.
You can choose, depending on your needs, from full day, half day and weekend classes.
Our tennis courses are available on a weekly basis throughout the year. The minimum number of participants is two.

Our Options

  • 20 training session of 45 minutes each

  • Dinner parties with buffet

  • Single tournament with trophies and prizes

  • Use of the facilities of the Wellnessgarten Spa

  • 12 training sessions of 45 minutes each

  • Dinner parties with buffet

  • Single tournament with trophies and prizes

  • Use of the facilities of the Wellnessgarten Spa

  • 8 training sessions of 45 minutes each

  • Use of the facilities of the Wellnessgarten Spa

Coaching by the World Champion

We focus on a continuous improvement of the footwork and stroke techniques, for this is the basis for successful tactics and gives mental strength, which is often decisive for the outcome of a match.

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Special Courses

The lessons focus primarily on specific tennis exercises. The young players will improve their basic stroke skills and learn tactics while playing together. The elementary or advanced courses are organised in age groups adapted to the abilities and are aimed at improving general motor skills and enhance readiness to invest physical effort. We seek to achieve feasible progresses in a playful way.


Special offers for the young players

Talents up to 17 years of age

  • € 20.00 off the accommodation rate per night
  • € 25.00 off the rate of the weekly classes
  • € 12.50 off the rate of a part-time course

For the participation in the above mentioned tennis classes


Beginner course (small court)

Children up to 10 years of age

  • Daily 60 minutes‘ lesson from Monday to Friday
  • Small court lessons ideal for beginners
  • Tournament and fun play
  • 3 dinner parties with buffet
  • Use of the leisure facilities (bathing pond), supervised by the parents

Rate: € 310

The Single Tennis Weeks are a suitable offer for singles and solo travellers, allowing them to practise tennis and meet nice people.


Dates of our Single Tennis Weeks

September 10 to September 16, 2017
April 8 to April 14, 2018
June 3 to June 9, 2018
September 9 to September 15, 2018


Full day tennis class (one week)

20 tennis lessons of 45 minutes each, plus side programme

Half day tennis class (one week)

12 tennis lessons of 45 minutes each, plus side programme

Sunday to Saturday

  • 18 and 10 tennis lessons respectively of 45 minutes in groups of 2 to 4 persons
  • Video analysis and 2 lessons with the World Champion Sepp Baumgartner
  • Ball collecting facility - playing instead of collecting balls
  • Speed measurement device
  • Daily fun play
  • Tactics and mental strength lesson
  • Tournament with trophies and prizes
  • Use of the facilities of the Wellnessgarten Spa, including saunas, “Garden of the Senses” and swimming pond
  • 3 convivial gatherings in the evening, including dinner


Sunday by 6.00 pm; greeting and social gathering in our Seestüberl Restaurant to become acquainted with each other

Saturday - early afternoon

Tuesday 25.12.2018 to Sunday 30.12.2018

  • Shortened Tennis-Week after christmas
  • Greeting and group assignment: Tuesday 6 Pm in our Restaurant Seestüberl
  • First Unit: Wednesday morning
  • Last Unit: Sunday until midday
  • Group-Dinners: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Price Half-Day Course: 424 €
Price Full-Day Course: 524 €

Sunday 30.12.2018 until Saturday 05.01.2019
  • Annual New-Year-Eve Dinner with firework on Monday. (Price not included in course Price)
  • Therefore the regular Tennis-Dinners for this week will be on: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Apart from that the shedule remains the same. (See Course-Shedules)

Tennis lessons with the World Champion

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