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The town of Waging and its surroundings are steeped in history and therefore have many interesting sights to offer. In the local area, you can visit numerous wonderful towns, characterised by the typical local architecture, such as Burghausen, Tittmoning and Laufen. They recall the former prosperity of their inhabitants due to the salt trade along River “Salzach”. The castles and palaces bear witness of the local history. Explore the local area, commonly referred to as “Rupertiwinkel”, and the “Chiemgau” county. Below you find some suggestions.

Tittmoning - Castle and Local History Museum

Tittmoning Burg und Heimatmuseum

Tittmoning Castle
The “Tittmoning” Castle, built by the local lords to secure the border of their territory, is a major castle of the ancient “Salzburg” county. The fortress was mentioned for the first time in 1234 in an official document and the settlement of Tittmoning was referred to as a fortified town (oppidum) in a document dating back to 1242.

Local History Museum
The “Tittmoning” Castle, formerly property of the Prince Bishops, houses a unique museum, where visitors of all ages can enjoy an interesting and edifying day out. The museum, which consists of 23 historic exhibition rooms with original floors and ceilings dating back to the 17th century, shows important collections of folk art, among many other things.

Burghausen - Castle and Town Museum

Burghausen Burg und Stadtmuseum

The longest castle in Europe
The Burghausen Castle is one of the largest and most awesome fortresses in Europe. The impressive castle features the longest fortified curtain wall in Europe. Every year in spring, the town of Burghausen hosts the famous Jazz Festival in the marvellous scenery of the old town overlooking the riverbanks.

Town Museum
The Town Museum is accommodated in the ancient living rooms of the castle. Appointed on four floors, the museum shows in thirty rooms its abundant collections. Designed as a local history museum, the Town Museum gives an overview of the history, art and culture of the town of Burghausen and the local area.

Salzburg - Castle and Natural History Museum

Salzburg Burg und Haus der Natur

“Hohensalzburg” Fortress
The “Hohensalzburg” Fortress is the largest, entirely preserved castle in central Europe. It is open to visitors all year round. Artists from across the world meet here every year to attend the courses of the “International Summer Academy”. The rooms of the medieval castle, the romantic courtyard and the terraces frequently house events.

“Haus der Natur” Natural History Museum
The museum shows animals and plants, either alive or dead. The aquarium is particularly popular with both adults and children. It can be rightfully said that it is one of the most beautiful facilities of its kind in Europe.

“Herrenchiemsee” Palace

Schloss Herrenchiemsee

Lake “Chiemsee” and the “Herreninsel” islet, the largest islet on the lake, owe their worldwide fame to the construction of the “Herrenchiemsee” Castle by Ludwig II King of Bavaria, affectionately called the “Fairy-tale King”.
The architecture of the castle was inspired by the “Versailles” Palace of the “Sun King” Louis XIV. The steamers of the “Chiemsee Lake Cruises” take the visitors to the islet, where you can not only visit the castle, but also the parkland and the museum.

Amerang - Motor Museum

Amerang EFA-Museum

The EFA Museum of German Automobile History houses 220 German classic cars from all carmakers on 6000 m2 of exhibition space, including the first “Benz” motor vehicle, great models dating from the 1920s and 30s and the cute small cars of the 1950s, but also contemporary high-powered cars. This comprehensive collection could be accumulated thanks to collectibles donated courtesy of automobile firms, museums and private collectors.

Siegsdorf - Mammoth Museum

Siegsdorf Mammut-Museum

At the Natural History and Mammoth Museum in the village of Siegsdorf, you can view an almost complete mammoth skeleton, found near the village in 1975. It is the biggest mammoth skeleton ever found in the world. Further finds are shown at the museum, representing a 250 million years’ natural history: edifying items showing the basics of geology, various fossils and Ice Age giants will make your visit an amazing experience.

Berchtesgaden - Castle and National Park

Berchtesgaden Schloss, Nationalpark

The castle in the town of Berchtesgaden became the summer home of royal family of the “Wittelsbacher” lineage by 1810. Formerly, it was the centre of a small ecclesiastical territory housing an Augustinian college. While living here with his family from 1922 to 1933, Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria accumulated art collections in the castle.

The “Berchtesgaden National Park” is the only German national park in the Alpine region. The “Nationalpark-Haus” Visitor centre in Berchtesgaden provides advice and information for tourists and locals. Visiting the exhibitions and the library or attending film screenings and video animations, you can learn everything what is important about the National Park. For the young visitors, there is a children’s area with a marmot cave and balance trail.

Freilassing - Railway Museum

Freilassing Lokwelt

The Railway Museum in the town of Freilassing is a great attraction for railway enthusiasts and visitors who are interested in technology. You can admire there extraordinary locomotives, such as the rack-railway steam locomotive III No. 719, the steam locomotive B IX "1000" from the “Maffei” manufacturer and the E16 locomotive. The lovingly arranged museum illustrates 150 years of railway history.

The centrepiece of the museum is the round locomotive shed, built from 1902 to 1905. The building houses 20 on-rail exhibition places showing, among other, locomotives of the “Deutsches Museum” Technology Museum, various railway-related exhibition objects and a miniature railway including a model of the railway facilities of Freilassing.

Waging - Baroque Museum

Waging Barock-Museum

The outstanding museum is located adjacent to the campsite in the town of “Waging am See”. Sebastian Schuhbeck has always been passionate about collecting Baroque artwork. In the past decades, he has created one of the most beautiful and precious collections of predominantly Baroque art items found in the region between Salzburg and Munich, which boasts a particularly rich culture. Unique exhibition items from Bavaria and other European regions represent a cross-section of the sacred and profane art in the Baroque period between 1600 and 1750. On more than 400 m2 of exhibition space, the museum shows objects found at residences of nobles, ecclesiastical property and farms. Prior booking (telephone 08681 552) is required for a visit of the museum.

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